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I don’t know about everyone else but trying to find a good theme for a page is the hardest thing in the world which is why this happened.  Due to the fact that I actually like it, I am going to just release the code so others can use.


You can add as many as you want but it comes with 5 basic ones.  Each section is made so that it can hold whatever you want it to.  This is an accordion theme which means that you click on the header and the section will grow.


Completely customizable and you can add a background image, if you want.


Yes, there’s a gradient.  You can change the colors for it or you can remove it.  


This theme is 600px and the length will grow with a side scroll bar if you add any added sections.  


This theme is ideal for anyone that uses a lot of tags or for RP pages.  It is free for use as long as the credit remains intact.  Like or reblog if you are using.

[live preview]  [code]

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