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Some old friends of mind did this thing where they put out a new video. #uponthisdawning #embracetheevil #metalasfuck

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So I was in the er and now I’m back. Finally feeling better after days. Decided since I got up with Devin to do my makeup for one of the first times fully since getting to this point. I even put my contacts in. Not looking forward to work but ey

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This is important. The new expansion pack will feature Robin Williams jokes in Shattrath. My guess is a blue troll to symbolism Genie. #robinwillams #wow #blizzard #worldofwarcraft

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It’s normal to get depressed. Sometimes you can’t fight the demons dwelling inside you but suicide and self harm are never the answer. There are people out there that know how you feel. Never be afraid to be heard. #truth #robinwillams

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Worldly update. I need this color back ever so badly. #yoitsthatday #tbt

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Baby’s first photo.

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There’s no better way to explain life lately.

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King Floppy Ear

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I was told not to tell but hey, look at that, I’m telling. I’m expecting a demonic offspring in Feb. they will probably grow up being a sarcastic geek too.

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Reblog if you think your voice is unattractive.



if someone calls you a slut, break their fucking neck without even hesitating or saying a single word and as they lay there on the ground dead, lean down close to their corpse and whisper

slut means the end in swedish

this is the most popular post i’ve ever made and its still fuckin going and i am GLAD


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